Leadership means: secure what was achieved and open new ways"„MSM – Quality“ was already highly regarded and has been realized on MSM's own responsibility before external QA-Systems became introduced. In 1995 MSM has been audited according to ISO 9001. Also project-oriented system audits e.g. for aerospace have been passed. In doing so we respect the following imperatives (simplified):

What serves your customer and how does he evaluate your services?
Make quality-realization and auto-prevention integral elements of all processes and continuous improvement!
Think and act holistic. Say what you do and do what you say!
Do your best to prevent faults by acting anticipative - should faults occur, correct them immediately and permanently!
Earn trustworthiness and credibility!

With implementation of these imperatives we practice the following steps which have to be repeated continuously:
Plan Act Measure Benchmark Improve !

Customers have expectations. Also the next department, colleagues, superiors are „customers“. Everybody is customer and supplier! Quality realized by a holistic concept:

+ Carefully trained and educated employees
+ Motivation through information, dialogue and profit-sharing
+ Exact understanding, registration and putting into practice of customer's requests
+ Far-sighted FMEA and auto-prevention
+ Comprehensive realization from supplier to the customer
+ Simple and clear control and logistics and lean computer organization
+ Dealing with tasks and problems in small control circles (cell, island, segment)
+ Economy and ecology
+ Demand-oriented flexible working hours
+ First-class equipment through high investments
+ Continuous strategy
+ Security through profit!

If satisfied customers always come again gladly, only then we are very good!